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Futility: Cleveland Has Been No-Hit Four Times In 2021

Cleveland has played four games this season in which they have had zero hits.

However, MLB's idiotic Commissioner, after proclaiming that doubleheader games would be complete and final after seven innings in 2020 and 2021, now refuses to accept that a no-hitter thrown during one of those complete games is an actual no-hitter. Therefore, the soon-to-be Guardians have been officially no-hit three times this season while in reality they have been no-hit a record four times.

The 1906 Brooklyn Superbas were no-hit three times:

May 1: 0-6 loss to Phillies and Johnny Lush (Brooklyn finished with a rare R-H-E line of 0-0-5)
August 24 (G2): 0-1 lost to Reds and Jake Weimer (7 innings; called for darkness or train)
September 24 (G2): 1-1 tied with Cardinals and Stoney McGlynn (also 7 innings)

Brooklyn was also held to one hit three times that season, including Opening Day: April 12, April 28, and September 25.