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Calcaterra, Re A-Rod: "I Wonder Where, Exactly, Great Ballplayers Go For Their Lobotomies In Between The Time They Play And The Time They Become In-Game Analysts?" (Team Owners, Most Of Whom Contribute To Republicans, Should Explain If/Why They Support Wh

Craig Calcaterra's Cup of Coffee, his daily baseball newsletter, to which I subscribe, was free to all this past Friday.

Among other things, he wrote about Alex Rodriguez, announcing, and self-awareness and about sports team owners who give lots of money to Republicans.

Some of it:

On A-Rod

. . . I liked A-Rod as a studio talking head when Fox first began trotting him out in the role a few years ago. Despite his generally off-putting persona as a player, the post-suspension and retirement A-Rod was looser, goofier, and brought with him a pretty refreshing perspective as an analyst.