Red Sox Trade Rumors: Brewers' Carlos Gomez A Potential Target Before Deadline?

The Boston Red Sox are set to be non-traditional buyer at the 2015 MLB Trade Deadline, looking for impact bats and arms in hopes of jumpstarting their championship hopes for 2016 and beyond.

One target they could consider? Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez.

"The Red Sox are firmly out of the playoff picture and need to begin looking towards the future; a rental player is not what the team needs at the trade deadline," SBNation's Joon Lee writes. "If the Red Sox want to make an impactful trade this year with ramifications towards the future, trading for Gomez is one way to do just that."

While it's debatable whether or not ANY TEAM is out of the playoff picture in the current American League and AL East logjams, Gomez is still an intriguing trade option to consider. Boston's outfield is stacked, but landing Gomez on a budget $9 million deal may be tempting -- regardless of his relative drop in power production (8 HR) in 2015.

Stay tuned.

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