The 5 Worst Mascots in Major League Baseball

After surveying all of the mascots in Major League Baseball, the following are the five worst mascots in the game today. Each of these "creatures" has earned its place on this list for differing reasons, but what they all share in common is that they desperately need to be replaced by their respective clubs.

5. Raymond (Tampa Bay Rays)

Now, I understand that Tampa must have shot down the idea of a walking sting ray mascot early in the process, but how did the idea of this big blue furry creature get the approval? Raymond is easily one of the goofiest looking mascots in baseball, and has absolutely no connection to the team or the location of Tampa. The Rays have stated that Raymond is a “seadog,” but whatever a seadog would look like I can guarantee you it’s not that thing. Bad choice by the Rays here, but I’m sure their lacking fan base doesn’t mind too much.

4. Dinger (Colorado Rockies)

"Dinger" looks like he came right off the set of “Barney.” That’s just an instant reaction, because after some thought it’s hard to understand why the Rockies have a triceratops as their mascot. Apparently the choice was influenced by the discovery of a number of dinosaur fossils at Coors Field during its construction, but that doesn’t seem to be a big enough deal to be the main reason behind your mascot. I have nothing against the name “Dinger,” just go back to the drawing board and come up with something better than a big purple dinosaur, thank you.

3. Homer (Atlanta Braves)

The main reason for “Homer” coming in on the worst mascot list at number 3 is the simplicity of his “costume” and how he isn’t unique to Atlanta or the Braves in any fashion. Homer looks very similar to other, and better mascots like “Mr. Met” and “Mr. Redlegs,” but those two were more original with their designs and have earned their dues in the mascot world. Just by looking at Homer you can tell that he’s the one at the mascot parties that no one really wants to be there. He simply lacks personality and doesn’t bring anything new to the table. A party pooper indeed.

2. Junction Jack (Houston Astros)

Even if there’s a logical reason for the Astros picking a rabbit as their mascot, they should have still anticipated that a rabbit mascot looks foolish and is a terrible choice to represent your team. Evidently, “Junction Jack” is supposed to be a railroad engineer, as he was introduced when the Astros moved to what was then called “The Ballpark at Union Station,” which was located on the site of the historic railway station in downtown Houston. This explanation makes sense if the mascot looked like an engineer, but he’s a rabbit. Even worse, he’s the weirdest looking rabbit they could have come up with. He has this stunned look on his face like he’s still surprised that the team has stuck with him as their mascot for twelve years. I’m with you Junction Jack; it’s a shocker to me too.

1. Slider (Cleveland Indians)

Where do you begin with the Indians mascot, “Slider”? Oh yea, with the fact that he’s a furry pink creature with a yellow nose and has no business being anywhere near a baseball field. Could there be a stranger looking mascot? I think not. I understand that the team most likely didn’t want to go with an Indian to represent their club, as Indian related mascots have seemingly been banned across the country as of late, but there had to be a better option than this thing. Saying that he has no connection to the city of Cleveland or the Indians is obvious, but more importantly he doesn’t have a relation to any creature on the planet. This is as big a long-shot as you could possibly see in the field of MLB mascots, but for some reason the Indians have stuck with Slider for 23 seasons now. Maybe if the Indians got a new and improved mascot they would see a jump in their attendance. But then again it’s Cleveland we’re talking about, so I don’t think the fans need a new mascot to disguise them from the fact that their sports teams haven’t won anything in 48 years. Either way, you are the worst mascot in baseball, Slider, deal with it.

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