Tampa Bay Rays' Alex Torres has the greatest pickoff move ever

Rays rookie pitcher Alex Torres has obviously been working on this for quite some time. And yet he chose to burn it on Jarrod Saltalamacchia and his 2-and-a-half step lead (not to mention ONE career steal in seven seasons).

It doesn't really matter that it didn't work, however. This is simply one of the most fantastic things ever. He steps off, takes his hand out of his glove to wipe the sweat off of his cap and then oh no the glove drops but wait did he just throw the ball to first base?? Luckily for the Red Sox, the only person who seemingly wasn't completely fooled by this was Saltalamacchia.

And here's the best thing. The definition of a balk is an "attempt to deceive a baserunner." But Torres stepped off, so he can do whatever he wants pretty much.

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