Red Sox Rumors: How Realistic Is A Cole Hamels Trade?

If the Boston Red Sox are truly considering a trade for Philadelphia Phillies ace Cole Hamels, it's likely going to cost them an arm and leg to pull such a deal off.

Per Arthur Weinstein of Perform Media, the Boston Globe reported "that one National League general manager in discussions with the Phils about Hamels says the team’s asking price has not changed "one bit."'

Along with the Red Sox, the list of teams Phillies GM Ruben Amaro has spoken with reportedly includes the Yankees, Dodgers, Rangers, Cardinals and Padres. However, the Phillies are looking for a major haul of top prospects, including two "impact players," and such a price may be scaring teams off.

That likely could include the Red Sox, who have already invested $20 million-plus per year in Rick Porcello. The thought of investing in at least a large chunk of Cole Hamels' salary, while stripping away essential talent at the top of their farm system, could be too much for Boston to justify pulling the trigger.

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