Red Sox News: Boston unlikely to sign free agent RHP Max Scherzer?

One Boston Red Sox columnist has decided to burst a few bubbles with a dose of reality - the Red Sox just don't spend megabucks on pitching like the money they'd have to hand to land free agent righty Max Scherzer.

Here's Marc Normandin of Over The Monster with the bad news:

The Red Sox aren't going to sign Max Scherzer, no matter how many columns list them as a landing spot for the high-priced ace. It just doesn't make any sense given what we know of this offseason, and it makes even less sense when you consider every offseason this ownership has been at the helm for. The Red Sox just don't spend Max Scherzer money on pitchers, so tossing them into a list of Scherzer landing spots is wishcasting, nothing more.

Noted baseball writers such as CBS Sports' Jon Heyman have pointed to Boston's need for an unquestionable ace as the reason why they're front-runners to land Scherzer. However, the franchise's recent history and the fact that they've already signed three starting pitchers this offseason might short-circuit such speculation before it every truly gets serious.

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