Red Sox Listening to Offers for Beckett

After reportedly stating that Beckett would not be on the trading block, the Red Sox have confirmed that they are hearing offers for Beckett, but not aggressively shopping the righty.

"Taking Josh Beckett off this team is not necessarily improving things," GM Ben Cherington said earlier this week regarding whether the team would move Beckett at the trade deadline. "We need to add, we need to improve the rotation, if anything -- improve internally or add to the rotation. I think we're sort of stuck in neutral if we start taking guys out of the rotation that are good major league pitchers."

Despite Cherington’s remarks, the Red Sox have apparently received interest on Beckett from the Rangers, Braves, and Dodgers.

Beckett has 10-5 right – 10 years in the big leagues, the last five with the same team – and as such, has the right to veto any deal.

While Josh has seemed to be a virus in the Sox clubhouse as of late, teams would most likely be able to look past this flaw of the veteran considering the market for pitchers has been dwindling. Big name pitchers that have been moved in the past week include Zach Grienke, Anibel Sanchez and Francisco Liriano. This surely increases Beckett’s value to a team that is in need of hurlers.

The MLB trade deadline is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4 P.M. (EST), so any rumors will be solved or sunk in less than 24 hours.

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