2012 MLB Midseason Report: 5 Managers On the Hotseat

The 2012 MLB season is at its half way point. Many teams that expected to be using the All Star break to rest up for a playoff run are instead using it to lick their wounds. These same teams are the ones likely to be searching the job market for a new manager in the off season. Check out the skippers who should be the skippers who should be worried:


Lukewarm Seat: Ozzie Guillen

2012 Record: 41-44. 1st year with team.

Ozzie has gotten off to a rough start in Miami.The team isn't performing up to expectations, Mike Stanton is injured, and Ozzie had that whole "I Respect Fidel Castro" thing. If the Oz doesn't get the Fish going in the 2nd half he could be in some trouble. However, I still think the Marlins will stick it out for at least one more year with Ozzie regardless.


5. Seattle - Eric Wedge

2012 Record: 36-51. 1st year with team.

Wedge had some success in Cleveland before joining Seattle, and has built up some credibility in the bigs. 100 loss seasons do funny things to credibility. The Ms show no signs of turning around anytime soon, and even though Wedge is new to the team, the Mariners have shown that they have no problem giving managers a quick ax. They have been through 4 managers since 2007.


4. Milwaukee - Ron Roenicke

2012 Record: 40-45. 2nd year with team. Roenicke was 96-66 in 2011.

Milwaukee isn't on Seattle's level of awfulness yet, and their 2012 woes can be attributed to Prince Fielder's departure. Roenicke also led the team to 96 wins and the playoffs last year, so he has that to lean on. But as we have seen in any pro sport, it is a what have you done for me lately business. Milwaukee was supposed to at least compete for a playoff spot this season. If they fall apart in the 2nd half, Roenicke will start to heel the heat. Besides having a bad 2012 season, Roenicke also has a very strange last name.


3. Boston - Bobby Valentine

2012 Record: 43-43. 1st year with the team.

The Red Sox have maybe the happiest trigger finger in the bigs when it comes to booting managers. If the fans in Fenway arn't happy, and the team misses the playoffs, it doesn't take long for Red Sox brass to bring in a new skipper. Valentine has had an abysmal year both on the field and in the media. At certain times, it seems that the clubhouse has nearly formed a military coup to overthrow Valentine. He has struggled to get along with former player Kevin Youkillis, which angered many Red Sox like Dustin Pedroia. The entire pitching staff has struggled under Valentine, including Josh Becket, who was criticized for playing golf on an off day after an injury. The Red Sox don't want to hose Valentine so quickly, but if any more rifts between Valentine and the clubhouse develop, they might not have a choice.


2. Kansas City - Ned Yost

2012 Record: 37-47. 3rd Season with team. Previous record: 126-163.

If you can come close to playing .500 ball in Kansas City than you are more than safe, but Yost has failed to do that. This was supposed to be Kansas City's year to compete for the AL Central, but they are 10 games back at the break. Kansas City's roster is far from stacked, but they have some pieces, basically all of which have failed to live up to expectation. The Royals are not going to fire the entire team, so Yost is the logical one to go.


1. Colorado - Jim Tracy

2012 Record: 33-52. 4th Season with team. Previous record: 230-210.

I hate to say, or even think, that Tracy is in trouble because of one (very) bad season. Yeah, the 2012 Rockies have absolutely stunk up Coors field. They are going to battle it out with the Cubs and Astros for worst record. With a lineup including Todd Helton, Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez, Mike Cuddyer etc you would expect the Rockies to play .500 ball off talent at the plate alone. In theory they are led at the plate and helped out by a sub-par pitching staff. The ideally sub-par staff has been much worse than sub-par, and has led to the Rockies demise. You would think that the best manager in Rockies history would be safe after just one bad season, but in the world of pro sports that is not so. Tracy could be in trouble.

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