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The Algebra of the Game: Overtime & the 3FG

When play was interrupted a fortnight ago, NBA ’19-20 had delivered 971 (of a scheduled 1,230) games and 46,938 minutes of “basketball battle,” as legendary Celtic radioman Johnny Most might have dubbed it. The average game performance featured 111.4 points on 100.9 possessions, with a FG% of .460 (.357 for three-point attempts). Our “Team Average” attempts 34 treys and 23 FT’s per game, while committing 14 or 15 Turnovers and grabbing 10 Offensive Rebounds.

This “seasonal” data is virtually identical to the league figures from the ’18-19 campaign – indeed, the OR and TO numbers as well as the shooting rates vary very little from the data of TEN years ago.