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Danny Ainge still taking the blame in defense of Kyrie Irving for some reason

While the Celtics have improved after the departure of Kyrie Irving and the Nets worsened this season(only to then improve once Kyrie got injured) and almost everyone now sees that Kyrie Irving was the main issue with the 2018-19 Celtics, Danny Ainge is still taking the blame for the Celtics underachieving last season. The Nets are coming to town tonight and surprise surprise, Kyrie won't be coming with, but it was supposed to be a marquee match-up, so Rachel Nicols interviewed Ainge in preparation:

"I do think it was my fault."
1-on-1 with Danny Ainge on what went wrong last year with Kyrie, how the front office pivoted to find an even better fit in Kemba Walker, and how his time with Larry Bird & Kevin McHale affected his reaction to Gordon Hayward's latest injury.