Celtics Rumors: Smart Deal “All But Done”, Kyrie To Hear Out Knicks, Kawhi Has No Interest In Boston

Celtics rumors are running rampant as NBA free agency rages on with multiple reports coming out in the recent days. We go over the recent report that Marcus Smart is close to re-signing with the Boston Celtics and that it is a “lock” for him to return. We also cover Kyrie Irving expecting to hear out the Knicks in free agency in 2019.

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Later, we go over the report that Jayson Tatum has been hitting the wait room for the upcoming season an “already looking significantly stronger” than he did last season. Finally, we give you an update on Kawhi Leonard and how he has no interest in joining the Boston Celtics.

Here is our full list of Celtics rumors:
- Marcus Smart deal all but done?
- Kyrie expected to hear out Knicks in 2019?
- Celtics to play on Christmas?
- Jayson Tatum hitting the weight room?
- Kawhi to the Celtics not happening?

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