Chat New England Podcast, Episode 2: From Six to Midnight.


We're back for episode 2 of the Chat New England Podcast.  We don't have any music for you, but thanks to a mic upgrade we were able to capture some of the more subtle tones of Babcock's voice, which is basically just as good.

On this week's show, we'll offer up some final thoughts on the Celtics/Heat series, our thoughts on the Doc Rivers extension, and our predictions for the Eastern Conference Finals.

Here's this week's humble offering.  Please enjoy:


QUICK NOTE ON THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: I misspoke in this episode, overstating the relationship between Doc Rivers and Dwight Howard.  I was thinking that Dwight had been a rookie in Doc's last year in Orlando (2003).  I was one year off.

That said, I still believe that Doc's presence could be a huge factor if the Celtics do decide to make a move for Dwight.  I'm also not the only one who feels that Dwight wants to play for Doc.

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