Chat New England Podcast: Episode 1.....This One Has Some "Character"

Several years ago, I used to do a weekly podcast with Ben Babcock (currently of ChatPats).  We'd go through the NFL lines for the week, give our betting advice, and add in lots of humor throughout the week.  We also had guests, and one of our regular listeners even said that his girlfriend enjoyed listening to us every week even though she didn't like sports.  Now that we're both back in the blogosphere here at ChatSports, we thought it was time we bring back our weekly podcasts.  So, I'm pleased to present you episode 1 of the Chat New England podcast.

Fair warning to our listeners: the rust certainly shows here.  We had some technical issues, and that really affected the quality of the recording.  You won't be able to hear Babcock very well for parts of this recording.  In the case of this episode, in which we focus on the Celtics, he does more asking than answering.  So, you should still be able to stay with us.  But, you should also know that we've already addressed that mic issue, and it won't be a problem going forward.

In addition to that, we were a little more uptight than we'd normally be partly because we were worried about the recording.  Expect us to be a little more laid back next week.  We've gone back and listened to the episode, and we've already addressed many of these technical issues so that we'll be much more cleaned up for next week.

So, if you could think of this as a scrimmage, that'd be great.  We'll say the regular season starts next week.  We really believe this is going to be a show you're going to love once the kinks are ironed out.  In the meantime, we humbly present you with this first effort:


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