Celtics headed to FINALS with new additions!!??

As free agency takes form, and continues to topple headline after headline in the NBA world. One team that seems to stick out is the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics number one priority this offseason was to bring back Kevin Garnett, who after having one of the more improbable playoff runs, has proven to have a little gas left in the tank.

After Garnett signed a 3-year deal, focus shifted towards Jeff Green who missed all of the 2011-2012 season due to heart surgery. With outstanding contributions coming from GM Danny Ainge, who fortified a relationship with Green during this past season. The Celtics were able to construct a 36 million dollar deal that will put Green in a Celtics uniform for the next 4 years.

Jason Terry, a solid contributor in the Mavs 2011 championship run was also a big pickup, who signed a 3-year deal earlier this week. Then of course big men Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo were taken in the NBA draft, with the two first round picks the Celtics obtained.

Did I mention free agency has only been open for a week!, and already the Celtics have made moves to consolidate themselves as championship contenders for the foreseeable future.

Free agency did bring one unseen turn though, with the departure of Ray Allen to the archrival Miami Heat.

On a brighter Note, let’s get started on what these new additions can bring to the table for the Celtics this upcoming season.

Kevin Garnett

Garnett wasn’t exactly a key addition, who has been with the Celtics for the past five years now. After rumors of retirement or leaving for another team, hearing that Garnett had agreed to come back was a huge relief for all Celtics Fans.

Garnett was switched to center during these past playoffs, and what followed were flash backs of KG’s old self with averages of 19.2 points and 10.3 rebounds. I suspect that this trend will follow into next season, with Garnett being the starting center.

With Garnett already being one of the premier defenders in the league for years now, He will also bring supreme experience and be a continuing mentor to both first round picks Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo.

Jeff Green

After having heart surgery and missing all of last season, Jeff Green is ready to get back to work and is itching to have a big year.

Green isn’t outstanding at any specific skill, but has solid numbers across the board in every area. If not in the starting lineup, Green will prove to be a pivotal player off the bench for Paul Pierce, something that has been missing since the departure of James Posey in 2008.

Athleticism is also something Green brings, and can be a defender who can guard top players in the East like Lebron James, and Andre Iguodala. With having a super star in Rajon Rondo as your guard, should also help bring out the best in Green.

Jason Terry

With Ray Allen leaving to Miami, possibly the most important pickup so far lies in Jason Terry. The sharp shooter from Dallas, who was a key component in their magical championship run last year.

Terry, who was named sixth-man of the year back in 2009, is an elite shooter who has knocked down the fourth most three pointers in NBA history.

Youth won’t be an attribute Terry will be adding to the Celtics by any means at age 34. He will though bring a championship pedigree and will be a consist contributor off the bench.

Jared Sullinger & Fab Melo

The word “SIZE” was often muttered when talking about the Celtics last season. With injuries to Jermaine O’Neal and Chris Wilcox, the Celtics were left with very few big body's.

The Celtics addressed this problem with their two first round picks and choose 6 “8” Jared Sullinger from Ohio State, along with 7 “0” Fab Melo from Syracuse.

Sullinger has an NBA ready body to go along with a great post up game. Sullinger’s big body will help fill up the lane. He will also help on the rebounding side, something the Celtics need immediate help on. There has been a lot of talk if Sullinger can stay healthy due to his back problems. If so, Sullinger has the potential to turn into a very good NBA player.

Fab Melo on the other hand is a different story. Melo isn’t NBA ready and will take some time to develop into a true center. Melo is limited offensively but can be productive on the defensive end as a shot blocker.

He can also be someone who can challenge opponents at the rim. Ironically, someone who reminds me of Melo is former Celtic Kendrick Perkins, who wasn’t gifted offensively, but brought a defensive presence that the whole team could feed off.

With having a fellow big man like Kevin Garnett showing you the ropes, should also help increase Melo’s potential.


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