Celtics News: Brad Stevens Says Boston Isn't Playing "Good Basketball"

The Boston Celtics have now lost seven of the last eight games after falling to the shorthanded Charlotte Hornets on Monday night, and head coach Brad Stevens expressed his frustrations in the postgame press conference.

"I don't know. I don't know. I've got to figure out how to coach this team better," Stevens said. "I’m not doing a very good job. We’re not playing well, and we’re playing almost -- it’s not good basketball. We’ve got to do a better job playing good basketball. I’ll figure out the rotations later, once we start playing good basketball and once we all are very focused on very good basketball. And that’s on me. I’ve got to do a better job." 

While Stevens took the blame for Boston's struggles, forward Jae Crowder said there's plenty to go around.

"The coaching staff is trying to figure it out, and us as players are trying to figure it out. But [players] shouldn't have to figure out playing hard. It's not even Coach, I think, for the most part. Guys, as NBA players, should always come here ready to play hard. It's not on the coaches. It's not on anybody. It's on us as players. And I think that's first and foremost for us. We just have to hold ourselves accountable. You always have to come ready to play without a coach yelling at you, without any of that stuff happening. You should always come ready to play a basketball game. That's what we're here for. That's our job." 

Boston's next game is Wednesday night against the Brooklyn Nets.

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