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Weekend Roundup: Baby B’s clean up on Thanksgiving week, rocket to first in AHL Atlantic division

Another pretty AHL week in that the P-B’s played a home-and-home during the week...that got absolutely way out of hand to start.

Wednesday: Providence wins 7-6 against Hershey in crazy, come from behind shootout performance

Providence started this game poorly, giving up three goals in a period before scratching and clawing back throughout the entire contest, with Jakub Lauko and Urho Vaakanainen contributing key goals in getting this absolute madhouse of a game.

The exact kinda game that cleans you out of calories just in time for Turkey Day!

Saturday: Providence Wins 3-1 over Charlotte

After making it clear at the very beginning of this week that they will not be rolling over and dying for anyone, Providence decided to controlling a game for a spell.