Bruins In Six: A Stanley Cup Finals Preview (and More) with @_Happy_Gilmore

With the puck dropping in the Stanley Cup Finals tonight between the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks, and the U.S. Open teeing off tomorrow at Merion, who better to talk to about the series than massive Bruins fan and "professional" golfer, Happy Gilmore.

The wildly popular @_Happy_Gilmore parody twitter account has more than 266,000 followers and provides some great tweets.  Happy is a great Twitter follow due to amazing tweets like these:

I talked to Happy about the Cup, belly putters vs. hockey stick putters, Brad Marchand's nose and more. Here ya go:

What’s more satisfying, a Bruins Stanley Cup title or winning the Gold Jacket?

Obviously winning the gold jacket. Bruin never dogged me at tryouts though, so......

What’s your prediction for the Stanley Cup Finals?

Boston takes the series in 6 games.

What’s the Bruins strongest line matchup against the Blackhawks?

Marchand's line has been big all year, much like his nose.

What team goes into the Stanley Cup Finals in better shape and why?

The Hawks for sure. The Bruins losing Campbell was big time.

Are the Bruins still carrying the momentum from the Game 7 comeback in round 1?

I think they have the heart and grit this year. Hawks have it too, I just think Boston has more.

How many million times will NBC/the national media how it’s an “original-six” matchup?

At least 7 million.

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If the belly button putter has caught on, why hasn’t the hockey stick putter become a staple on the PGA tour?

Because people are afraid of being harassed and called a Happy wannabe.

What’s more awkward for Tiger: having to play two days in a group that has Stevie Williams as a caddie for one of his groupmates, being paired for two days with Sergio, or bumping into Elin at a charity event?

I'd say being paired with Sergio. Hopefully he brings him some watermelon and grape soda.

Who's tougher and why: you for winning a gold jacket after being hit by a car or Tiger for winning a U.S. Open on a bum leg?

Let me see you sink a putt after getting jacked by a VW doing 30mph.

How do you feel about Virginia Venit, now being married to Phil Dunphy? How come it didn’t work out between the two of you?

She had herpes so I could care less.

What’s your prediction for the US Open?  Where do Tiger, Rory and Shooter finish?

Shooter gets D.Q.'d for having sex in the woods with an underage girl. Rory finishes top-10. Tiger top-five.

Do they purposefully make US Open courses short and narrow to keep you and your booming drives away from the tournament?

You noticed that too?

No one has ever really seen your legendary slapshot. How does Zdeno Chara’s compare?

Zdeno has a rocket. But i've killed 5 people with mine. So I think I win.

Has anyone from Happy Madison productions ever contacted you?

I've heard from David Spade, said he enjoyed what I was doing.

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