4 Unknown Big Ten Players That Can Become Superstars This Season

The Big Ten is home to some of the best and most accomplished football players in the country, but some new, unexpected superstars arise every year. Here are four guys that are likely to become household names in 2015:

4) RB LJ Scott, Michigan State Spartans 

Scott is a prototypical power back at 6-foot-2, 230 pounds, but there's more to it than just that. While his speed may be average at best and he's refining his arsenal of horizontal side steps and elusive dips and dives, The freshman has an intense willingness to learn and get better that manifested himself in exponential growth as a running back at the prep level. No one's going to work harder than Scott, which is just how a Big Ten running back needs to approach things when mired in the trenches.

3) LB Justin Hilliard, Ohio State Buckeyes

Hilliard is simply a ready-made college linebacker, built like a cannonball at 6-foot-1, 225 pounds. Combine that with elite closing speed and the smarts to read blocking schemes and alter his approach accordingly, Hilliard's athleticism and intelligence will serve him well as he multiple reps both in practice and at game speed. Simply put, Hilliard won't just be one of the Big Ten's best freshmen in 2015 -- he'll also be one of the conference's best overall linebackers.

2) CB Jabrill Peppers, Michigan Wolverines

Peppers’ extremely hyped freshman campaign was shortened dramatically by an injury and re-injury of his ankle. However, he’s a five-star talent who should make a big impact with his ball instincts, along with giving the return game a jolt. He was billed as the second coming of Charles Woodson by Michigan fans, and the pressure in on him to start showing some promise (and to stay on the field) this season.

1) QB Tommy Armstrong Jr., Nebraska Cornhuskers

There's one major reason to consider Armstrong as a breakout candidate in 2015 -- Mike Riley. The new Nebraska head coach has a penchant for spreading out his offenses and allowing his QBs to chuck and chuck and chuck. That should help Armstrong's development as he'll be constantly challenged to better his reads and work through his progressions with efficiency. Nebraska fans are waiting on Armstrong to become something more than an average quarterback, and this year will be his sink or swim season.

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