3 Most Delusional College Football Fan Bases In The Big Ten

We're all guilty of being homers for our favorite teams, but these fan bases are the cream of the proverbial crop when it comes to putting blinders on and swimming around in an ocean of delusion. Having faith is one thing, but blind faith can turn sports fandom into an unhealthy obsession of monster-sized proportions. With that in mind, here are the 3 Most Delusional College Football Fan Bases In The Big Ten.

3. Nebraska Cornhuskers 

It's not the 1990s anymore. Nebraska isn't the college football powerhouse it once was. And quite simply, it's not going to be again. The landscape has changed too dramatically for Nebraska to reach its previous heights. A 10-win season is going to be close to your ceiling. Accept that and stop pinning after the past. 

2. Michigan Wolverines

Let's all bump the brakes on the 'Jim Harbaugh is the second coming of Bo Schembechler' stuff. I think he'll be a great coach at Michigan, but let's give him some time to get things turned around. I get it; Michigan fans need something after the recent disaster run of Brady Hoke and Rich Rod. But Harbaugh has plenty of work left to do at Michigan. Hopefully we get another 10 Years War with Michigan and Ohio State, but that's not a sure thing yet. So stop acting like it is. 

1. Penn State Nittany Lions 

Look, Joe Paterno was a great coach. One of the greatest in college football history. But that doesn't mean you need to defend the mistakes he made in the Jerry Sandusky disaster. The school wants you to stop being "Truthers." Stop trying to exonerate the man. This website dedicated to proving Paterno was innocent reads like a ''jet fuel can't melt steel beams" site. Please, just move on and accept that a great football coach made mistakes. 

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