Big 12 Football Will Have A Championship Game Again, Starting In 2017

The Big 12 has yet to decide if there will be any expansion, but there will be a conference championship game once again. The Big 12 voted to bring back a championship game in 2017, the first time the conference will have one since 2010. 

"Our board unanimously acted to approve in concept the reimplementation of a championship football game," commissioner Bob Bowlsby said at the Big 12 Meetings Friday. 

The conference hopes the addition of title game will help teams make the College Football Playoff. The Big 12 missed out on an appearance in 2014, in part because the conference had no title game. The addition of a title game should add $30 million in conference revenue. 

Bowlsby said the conference would "in all likelihood" divide into two five-team divisions, although expansion has not been ruled out yet. Which teams will go where is still unclear. With four teams from Texas, the Big 12 could group them together with West Virginia for one division, and then group the Oklahoma and Kansas teams together with Iowa State. The NCAA recently ruled that 10-team conferences could have a title game.

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