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Baylor’s Path to the Playoff: It’s Real and Could be Spectacular

If Baylor wins next week, they’ll be one of, at most, six teams competing for the four playoff spots.

Before turning to if Baylor will earn a playoff selection, it’s important to break down how the playoff actually works. Also, I will add the usual point that I understand that Baylor needs to focus on Oklahoma. I don’t play for Baylor. I don’t think James Lynch and Bravion Roy will read this article and suddenly forget when they’re supposed to rush Jalen Hurts.

The playoff is made up of 13 members. Their protocol says:

Establish a committee that will be instructed to place an emphasis on winning conference championships, strength of schedule and head-to-head competition when comparing teams with similar records and pedigree (treat final determination like a tie-breaker; apply specific guidelines).