Where Will Lamar Jackson End Up?

One of the biggest stories coming out of the NFL this offseason and ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft has involved Lamar Jackson, and the messy situation the Baltimore Ravens appear to find themselves in regarding their franchise quarterback.

The organization are desperately keen to keep the superstar at the club, but an impasse has currently been hit, as neither side can appear to come to an agreement. To make matters worse, Jackson has also requested - and made it known public - that he wanted a trade out of Maryland.

Although a long-term deal is yet to have been agreed upon, the Ravens did place the non-exclusive franchise tag on the QB, but the 26-year-old is yet to sign that tender, further highlighting the discord between him and the franchise. Another potential concern that the Ravens have to deal with regarding the tag is that other teams are allowed to negotiate with Jackson and strike a deal. Baltimore does get the chance to match that offer or receive two first-round draft picks as compensation from the organization that he chooses to join.

With that in mind, there are many rumors continuing to circulate about whether he will be traded before the beginning of the season, and should he be moved on, what potential landing spots could the talented player find himself in ahead of the 2023 NFL season?

A Trade Could Be Hard For Jackson
Despite being a former NFL MVP, it does appear that a trade will not come easily for Jackson. Many who will have been wagering on the player to get a move will have likely been looking at all of the available odds and bonus promos that can be obtained on the best sites listed on gamblingpromocodes.com as sports betting continues to sweep across the US, although it would appear they may have to rethink where he could potentially end up.

It has been revealed that no fewer than 10 of the 32 teams in the NFL have decided against a move for the QB at this stage, with each having a variety of different reasons not to do so.

The Atlanta Falcons questioned his game availability and whether he could remain fit for a season; the Carolina Panthers want to focus on the draft, as does the Indianapolis Colts; the New York Jets are pursuing a trade for Aaron Rodgers; the New England Patriots are leaving it up to Bill Belichick to decide; the Seattle Seahawks re-signed Geno Smith; the San Francisco 49ers, Detroit Lions, and Washington Commanders are all happy with their QB options, while Tampa Bay Buccaneers know they can not afford him while they have signed Baker Mayfield in free agency to take over from the retired Tom Brady.

Where Could Jackson End Up?
The 10 teams that were mentioned above would be what many would have felt were ideal destinations for Jackson to end up if a move away from the Ravens were to materialize. However, it clearly seems that this is something that may not happen.

If Rodgers were to go the Jets, then perhaps a move to the Green Bay Packers could be in the offing, although that is a case of waiting and seeing what happens. A move to the Minnesota Vikings or the Tennessee Titans has also been speculated by some, but there does not appear to be concrete interest; as is the same with the Miami Dolphins. The Houston Texans could be another option, but whether Jackson would be prepared to go there remains to be seen.

Jackson Likely to Remain in Baltimore
In truth, the most likely scenario at this present moment is that Jackson remains in Baltimore and with the Ravens. The organization is desperate to keep hold of their franchise QB, and there are feelings that he would be happy to stay in Maryland if he gets the deal that he wants.

If not, it might be a case of playing the 2023 NFL season under the current circumstances and then revisiting the situation at the conclusion of the campaign. If he performs as well as he can, he will likely have more options available, while he could also get the money that he wants.

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