How The Baltimore Ravens Are Preparing For Next Season

If you’re a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, you’ll know how hard the team was hit towards the end of last season with a huge number of injuries across the whole team and ending on a six-game losing streak – however, pundits believe that the Ravens might just be about to make a strong comeback. BetMGM Maryland, the first official gaming partner of the Baltimore Ravens, will give customers the chance to bet on the team, with special promotions and offers to choose from. If you’re feeling like the Ravens are going to get particularly lucky in 2022, place your bets with ease online!

If you need some help deciding if you think the Ravens are going to get your bet this year, read on and we’ll explore how they’ve been preparing for the new season of NFL in September.

The beginning of the season
The new NFL season kicks off on Thursday the 8th of September this year. In general, the NFL likes to stick to the tradition that the new season begins when the last season left off. In past years, the team that has won the Super Bowl hosts the first and opening game, because of this, and if this rule does indeed stay in place this year, The Ravens won’t be playing on opening night. It’s not unheard of that the NFL could break this rule, and The Ravens do have enough interesting opponents to play in the opening game later this year. We will have to wait and see if the tradition is in fact carried on.

Beginning work on defense
Off-season predictions have said that the Baltimore Ravens defense could look a lot different this time around, with an overhaul of players on the cards in the near future. It is said that up to eleven of the Ravens defenders could be on their way out, with players like Brandon Williams and Justin Houston due to hit the market any time soon. The Ravens won’t be looking to bring back all their defenders, so replacing them is something that will be crucial and need to be focused on before the season begins this year.

Choosing a top-tier defender
As we’ve mentioned, The Ravens are looking for a big shakeup when it comes to their defense, so looking to take the plunge on a top defender seems increasingly more likely, so that they can really focus on upping their game this season. The Ravens’ biggest needs are said to be either a line-backer or in the secondary, so they’ll be looking to the open market to fill these vacancies and create a strong defense before they start.

Running back prospects
As well as defenders, The Ravens are looking to add running backs to their offensive backfield and have reportedly met with Pierre Strong of South Dakota State and Rachaad White of Arizona State virtually. They could both have the potential to help bring the Ravens back to the top of their game this season each with well-above-average, elite stats, and Strong is said to be able to reach a high speed in quick time. These prospects could help the Ravens make their comeback. 

Veteran Cornerback
With a range of new, young talent on the open market for the Ravens to choose from as the 2022 NFL season approaches, and not exactly being strapped for cash, means that the team can either choose from a younger addition to ensure less chance of injury (considering how their 2021 season went) or invest in a veteran to help them out of their funk – which they’re going to opt for remains to be seen. Some affordable options that the team could look at include Desmond King and K’Wan Williams.

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