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Joe Angel’s retirement is the end of another era for Orioles fans

The next time you sit down to listen to an Orioles game, it’s going to sound a lot different than the last time you listened to an Orioles game and different from most every Orioles game you’ve listened to for the last 15 years. The retirement of longtime Orioles radio broadcaster Joe Angel is another change to absorb for this season along with all of the other new things about the O’s.

A whole lot has happened to the Orioles, bad and good, since Angel took over broadcasting duties full-time in 2004. He got to call some highs and lows in his first stint here, too, when he was Jon Miller’s broadcast partner for the 1988 and 1989 seasons, as well as calling the Camden Yards inaugural season of 1992 before his career took him elsewhere for a while.