Top Five "Weirdest" Uniforms In Recent Baseball History

While watching the USA vs. Italy International Friendly soccer game the other day, I developed a curiosity. As I sat in my room and watched the game unfold, something piqued my interest and led me to question:

Who chose those ugly uniforms for the US National team?

I could not get over how the uniform shirt closely resembled a baseball umpire's shirt. Covered in blue with a red and white striped collar, these dare I say, interesting jerseys made me question the fashion of professional sport uniforms, baseball in particular, and how franchises can go on with their daily lives knowing that they are sporting such vivid and eye-baffling apparel.

So I dug deep and tried to come up with the top five "weirdest" baseball uniforms in recent history.

Here are the fruits of my labor:

Option #1: The 1999 Pittsburgh Pirates

Wow. Placing a giant pirate head on the front of your jersey may intimidate some swashbucklers, but most just get a cheap laugh out of it. Granted, even though they only rocked these outrageous uni's for one night, it does not overturn the fact that these red, yellow and black tops paired with grey pinstriped bottoms turned out to be a fashion disaster.


Option #2: The 1971 Baltimore Orioles

Have you ever been hunting? I haven't, but I am almost positive that if I stumble across somebody this orange in the woods, I would probably run. The uniform tops are not too bad. In fact, with white pants, or even grey ones, they might actually make for a pleasant sight. However, in 1971 the Orioles decided that orange tops with orange bottoms would set them apart from the norm. All I can say is, that's a whole lot of orange.


Option # 3: The 1972 San Diego Padres

Am I the only one that thinks these uniforms closely resemble a caramel candy? The mixture of golden yellow and brown makes for an eyesore that any baseball fan would be ashamed to wear out into public. Just having the knowledge that the Padres sported these uni's for almost three years makes me cringe a little on the inside. The Padres' appearance seemed to take a turn for the better in 2000 when they began sporting their camouflage uniforms in honor of our nation's military. Nice turn around, San Diego.

P.S. Do these jerseys not have a striking resemblance to the 1960 Denver Broncos as well?


Option #4: The 2012 Miami Marlins

First of all, they will always be the Florida Marlins to me. I will always have the fond memory of how they proceeded to win the World Series in 2003 and then give away half of their team -- quite possibly one of the greatest moves in MLB history (there's the sarcasm again). Second of all, So. Many. Colors. How can there be this many clashing colors on one piece of clothing? You would think that their old alternate sea-foam green uniforms would teach them to stick to prime colors. Maybe this drastic change and crazy color combination is an attempt to match up with new skipper Ozzie Guillen's crazy personality and coaching style. I'm not saying that the Marlins aren't going to be good with all of their new acquisitions, but I will say that they are not going to be doing it in style.


Option #5: The 1975 Houston Astros

I can't even begin to think about trying to describe the pattern on the front of these jerseys. To make matters worse, they thought it would add to the uniform by placing the players number on the upper part of the leg in giant black numbering, not to mention how the orange hat has absolutely no relation to the red- and yellow-laden tops. By the way, they sported these colorful atrocities for eighteen years. There is not much more that I can say about these uni's. I am just too confused.


There are plenty more uniforms that could make this list, but I do not believe that there are many more adjectives that I could use to describe them.

So I go back to my original question: Who has the "weirdest" jersey of all?

That is for you to decide.

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