Orioles Begin Postseason Games Without Markakis

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Orioles fans have spent the past month watching Nick Markakis watch his team play from the dugout. The last time the Orioles played the Yankees this season, New York pitcher C.C. Sabathia threw a ball that hit Markakis’ hand, breaking his thumb.

It was announced a few days ago that the pins would not be removed from his hand until later this week. After the pins are out, he will still be unable to play for another couple of weeks.

If Baltimore is able to win the remaining series, Markakis will be able to join his team in the World Series.

Fans had a scare Friday night when Mark Reynolds got hit in the hand by the Texas Rangers’ pitcher. Fortunately, he is set to play tonight against the Yankees.

This evening marks the official beginning of the postseason for the Orioles. It is their first time in the playoffs since 1996, where they faced New York too. This was the series with the famous Jeffrey Maier incident.

For those who you are unaware of this story, here's a quick version. With the Yankees up to bat, Derek Jeter hit the ball into the outfield. Then Oriole, Tony Tarasco reached for the ball. Just as it was falling towards his glove, a fan reached out over the wall and caught the ball in his glove. The umpires declared it a homerun, helping the Yankees get the win, and costing Baltimore a chance to continue towards the World Series. That fan was Jeffrey Maier.

Fans are hopefully in for an exciting series against the Yankees this time around since both teams have nine wins against the other for the 2012 season. The first game will be played tonight in Baltimore and starts at 6:07. Tomorrow night’s game will also give the Orioles home-field advantage, and that begins at 8:00. The rest of the games will be held in New York.

Here’s hoping Markakis will have the opportunity to play again this year. The Orioles will have to beat the Yankees this week and win the ALCS in order to get to the biggest series in baseball.

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