Bud Selig: Baltimore Orioles could host 2016 MLB All-Star Game

In today's Orioles news update, Baltimore looks to be emerging as a leading contender to host the 2016 Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

According to Eduardo A. Encina of the Baltimore Sun, Bud Selig stated before Friday's Civil Rights Game in Houston that Camden Yards is definitely near the top of list of potential options:

“Yes, they're certainly a very, very viable candidate,” Selig stated before the Orioles' Friday contest with the Astros. “When you think back, Camden Yards really started this whole ballpark expansion, and I believe that's one of the primary reasons for baseball attendance being at the historic high that it is today.”

With Selig's final year as MLB commissioner chugging along, the commissioner made it clear that Baltimore will always have a fond spot in his heart: “I have great feelings for Baltimore,” Selig stated. “And I know they have [applied], and I just got done with the '15 All-Star Game, and I know I have to do '16 and '17.”

As Encina points out in his article posted on Saturday, "an All-Star Game in Baltimore would give the Orioles a unique centerpiece for their 25th season at Camden Yards and would allow the team to tie season-ticket packages for the next two seasons to tickets to the All-Star Game."



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