Adam Jones’ Homer Ends Game in 11th Inning, Getting Fans Excited for Post-Season

No, you are not reading that wrong. The Orioles found themselves in yet another extra long game. Coming right off their 5 hour and 44 minute win over Seattle, Wednesday night’s game, though not as long, also went into extra innings. Thanks to Adam Jones’ game-winning homerun, the team won 3-1.

[caption id="attachment_175" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo Taken by Ted S. Warren / AP"][/caption]

This was the Orioles’ 15th consecutive win in extra innings. As an avid fan of The Birds since I was born in the early 90s, I have never seen the team play this way. For a while now, the Orioles were always seen as a joke. If a team lost to them, it became huge news. Now you expect the Orioles to win.

Being a Philadelphia resident, I can honestly say that I have started seeing more Orioles apparel than Phillies recently. Ignoring the fact that Phillies’ fans have been disappointed in their team lately, I never expected to see the red be over taken by the orange.

Jones, Weiters, Reynolds, Hardy, and the now-injured Markakis have made this an incredible season to watch. As a fan of baseball in general, it makes me proud to say that the Orioles could go all the way this year without getting strange looks or laughs.

Orioles’ fans, wear the black and orange with pride, and let’s show the AL East who has the best fans. For those on the east coast who stayed up until close to 4:00 Wednesday morning, you make me proud. We have stuck with our team through thick and thin, and that is dedication. Let’s go into the post-season with Baltimore on top.

The Orioles now travel to Fenway Park to play the Red Sox tomorrow evening.

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