A Quick and Easy Guide to the Melbourne Cup Field for 2021

With only a few days to go, Australia’s most prestigious horse racing event, the Melbourne Cup, promises to bring the celebration to the field, despite some restrictions. For instance, only 10,000 fully vaccinated individuals may be allowed inside the Flemington racetrack this year, and a limit of 24 horses will make it to the final Melbourne Cup field. (1)

While the final list of runners won’t be finalized by October 30th, or two days before the actual race, there are a few early favorites. Here’s a quick guide to the horses that will likely make it to the race that stops a nation for this year.

Melbourne Cup 2021 field: Things you need to know
The Melbourne Cup is deeply ingrained in Australian culture, having had its first run in 1861. One of the most prominent events globally, this horse race fields thoroughbreds aged three years and up, carrying weights of at least 50 kilograms. The winner must mix speed and endurance to triumph over the others in completing the 3,200-meter track.

As such, the announcement of the Melbourne Cup field—or the lineup of horses participating in the race—is one of the most anticipated events during the festival. Check out the Melbourne Cup details at Racenet for updates. The Melbourne Cup is held every first Tuesday of November, which falls on November 2nd this year.

Apart from the Melbourne Cup on November 2nd, social events and other horse race events complete the 2021 Melbourne Cup Carnival from October 30th until November 6th. Penfold's Victoria Derby Day opens October 30th, while Kennedy Oaks Day and Mackinnon Stakes Day happen on November 4th and 6th, respectively.

Melbourne Cup 2021 field: How do I choose the winning horse?
The Melbourne Cup 2021 total prize money is pegged at AUD$8 million, with AUD$4.4 million going to the top finisher and AUD$120,000 from 7th to 12th place. The total pot is in part taken from the total earnings from punters’ bets.

From basketball to football, sports betting often goes hand in hand with most athletic competitions, horse racing included. Betting on any of the Melbourne Cup participants brings together serious high rollers and occasional punters. To find out which horses make it to the Melbourne Cup 2021 field, keep your eyes peeled for the announcement two days before the main racing event.

In deciding which horse to place your wager on, study the jockey and trainer’s race history and performance records, and check expert advice and predictions to come up with an informed decision.

Melbourne Cup 2021 field: When will it be finalized?  
The final field for the Melbourne Cup 2021 will only be made available at the opening of the Carnival on the evening of October 30th. The Melbourne Cup acceptances underwent three stages. The first list was announced on September 7th, with over 120 entries. The second acceptance happened on September 28th, while the third acceptance was on October 12th.

Melbourne Cup 2021 field: How many horses are there?
The final Melbourne Cup field is limited to only 24 horses. If any of the gallopers on the list won’t make it to the race, a replacement is unlikely, as there aren’t any emergencies.

Melbourne Cup 2021 field: What is the Melbourne Cup 2021 order of entry?  
While waiting for the Melbourne Cup field to be finalized, you can refer to the order of entry to predict the horses that will likely take the crown. This list is updated weekly from September up until the list is finalized. Before approaching bookmakers or bookies for your bets, check the order of entry for the day.

Take note that the list isn’t conclusive, so expect frequent changes. It pays to check reputable online sources to determine if any of your picks are running for the Melbourne Cup.

Melbourne Cup 2021 final field: Top favorites 
As a prestigious racing event, the Melbourne Cup has attracted entries worldwide, including horses from Great Britain, Ireland, France, New Zealand, and the United States of America. Earlier this month, online sites have presented a few of the top choices to win the Melbourne Cup 2021, with most predicting the following entries most likely to win:

1. Incentivize
2. Spanish Mission
3. Twilight Payment (2020 Melbourne Cup winner)
4. Away He Goes (out through injury)
5. Grand Promenade
6. Realm of Flowers
7. Young Werther
8. Delphi
9. Selino
10. Persan (2)

Final thoughts
Like other forms of betting, it’s hard to correctly pinpoint the winning horse from among this year’s Melbourne Cup field, but there are various resources that may lead you in the right direction. While the final list has yet to be announced, keep yourself updated on the order of entry, the horse’s performance history, and other resources to come up with your top picks.

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