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Former Auburn Band member who created iconic “AU” logo talks tweaks, reminisces

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Aesthetically, he actually understands it—kinda. But Fritz Siler still ain’t thrilled. For a couple of reasons.

First off, like most Auburn fans, his aversion to change is off the charts. Secondly, though he sees how it might be easier to produce, the design, in his mind, lacks… clarity?

Not that the university’s branding strategy-based decision to tweak the iconic logo he created with beer and butcher paper as an Auburn freshman negates his unheralded contributions to ol’ alma mater, but, you know, now he can’t nudge his neighbor at a football game, point to midfield and say “hey, one night in 1965, when I was studying for my final in Advanced Anheuser-Busch, I came up with that thing.