Auburn Football Coaching Rumors: Would Gary Patterson be a Good Fit for the Tigers?

Updated 12/3/2012 11:10am ET

After thirteen successful years at TCU this might finally be the year that Gary Patterson leaves the Horned Frogs for the SEC. At TCU Patterson has gone 115-33, and his career winning percentage is 77.7%, the third highest in the FBS.

Patterson would be an ideal fit for Auburn because he is a great defensive coach. His defenses are notorious for being very strong against both the pass and the run. Given that Auburn was one of the worst defensive teams in the country 2012, the Tigers could desperately use his talents.

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On the downside though, almost all of Patterson's success with TCU came while they were in the Mountain West conference. In his first year in the Big 12, TCU lost to some of the lesser teams: Iowa State, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. These key loses in firs first year in the Big 12 may be a red flag for a program like Auburn who is looking to bring a coach onto the biggest stage in college football.

Another interesting characteristic that may keep Patterson from receiving a job offer from Auburn is his coaching personality. Patterson is know for being gruff and blustery which might be a turn off for the Tiger program.

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