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Hawks Q&A: What’s the status on Clint Capela’s injury?

Welcome to the inaugural Hawks Q&A. It comes at quite a weird time, with the season on hiatus due to coronavirus. But there are still things we can discuss regarding the team, while everyone out there is hopefully staying safe and healthy, so let’s dive in (some questions have been edited for clarity).

Q: What is the status of Clint Capela’s heel injury? Any concern it will nag him his whole career?

A: Some good news on that front. At the time of the season’s suspension March 11, which is the most recent time injured Hawks players have been evaluated, Capela was making good functional progress and had progressed to participating in half-court workouts, according to a person familiar with the situation (that can mean shooting, agility drills and practicing with the team, though it’s not as if he’s getting up and down the court in a full-contact scrimmage).