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Falcons training camp: Recapping the Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff press conference

Today brought news of Devin Hester's release and a press conference for the Falcons' brass, one we were awaiting for the possibility of some quality nuggets of information. As always, Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn delivered, albeit only a few scant morsels.

Let's break down some of the highlights of today's presser, shall we?

— vaughn mcclure (@vxmcclure23) July 26, 2016

Dan Quinn said he has been in contact with O'Brien Schofield and said he likes the shape Schofield is in. Not sure about re-signing yet

— vaughn mcclure (@vxmcclure23) July 26, 2016

With three open roster spots, it's both natural and encouraging that these players are still on the table.