4 Easiest Games On The Atlanta Falcons' 2015 Schedule

Every game during the course of an NFL regular season takes its toll, but these next four games are the closest thing to a breather the Atlanta Falcons will get in 2015. Here's our list of the 4 Easiest Games On The Atlanta Falcons' 2015 Schedule.

4. Washington Redskins (October 11th)

An afternoon of Robert Griffin III rolling his eyes at head coach Jay Gruden (when he's not eating turf thanks to the Falcons' pass rush)? Atlanta will take it. The Redskins offense is relying on a QB/coach combo destined to implode while the defense is in a state of major upheaval at several key positions. Until this franchise somehow gets out of Daniel Snyder Bizarro World, facing the Redskins will be akin to visiting an abstract art project gone terribly wrong.

3. Tampa Bay Bucs (November 1st, December 6th)

We're not sure what to expect out of Jameis Winston's first year in the pros? Will he win Rookie of the Year? Will he get a hankering for crab legs that only a shoplifting trip can satisfy? The rest of Bucs are a smattering of intriguing young pieces and cagey veterans with a bushel of replacement level players, so there's really not much to worry about here regardless of which road Jameis ends up taking in the long run.

2. @ Jacksonville Jaguars (December 20th)

How many times have NFL pundits said "this is the year the Jags put it together," only to watch the dumpster fire get stoked by inept personnel decisions and a fan base who always seems either board or late for a tee time somewhere else. Blake Bortles will have Julius Thomas to throw to in year two, but the problem is that he's still Blake Bortles...

Fun times for the destined-to-be London Jaguars.

1. @ Tennessee Titans (October 25th)

There are big things ahead for 2014 Heisman winner Marcus Mariota, but he'll be working behind an offensive line that has been in flux since the start of the decade. Mariota is effective out of the pocket, but that's not going to translate when his linemen can neither start nor finish blocks in the open field.

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