Report: Atlanta Braves named as David Price's preferred trade destination

In today's Braves trade rumors and news update, the Atlanta Braves are reportedly the one team other than the Tampa Bay Rays that ace David Price would prefer to play for going forward.

According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, "rumor has it that if the Rays were to deal him, he'd most prefer the Atlanta Braves, which is the team closest to Tennessee, and that he'd least prefer teams that are far away. Geography seems to count for Price."

The problem for Price is that he has no way to block a trade (with no no-trade clause), rendering his wishes at this point as a matter of opinion.

If the Rays find a suitor willing to part with the house for an 16-month rental of one of the premiere pitchers in the game, Tampa Bay will likely trade Price away to the highest bidder.

Thus, Atlanta needs to decide if they're willing to jump into that equation and sweeten the pot or step back and try for Price in the winter of 2015.


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