Now Or Never

Well fans, it's been a rough September. From 8 games up in the Wild Card to 1 game up. Now, depending on if the Astros can hold off the surging Cardinals, the Braves will have to win tomorrow to stay in the race. If the Cards win tonight, tomorrow is a must win. If the Cards lose tonight, the lead remains at one, and it's win and you're in. The Braves have only themselves to blame. Faltering at the wrong time, poor pitching, and terrible hitting have led to the destruction of this lead. The Braves MUST win tomorrow. They put Tim Hudson up against Joe Blanton in what will be the last chance to win a game in september. Hudson did this last year, if you remember, pitching a gem against the Phillies in the last game of the season to send the Braves to the playoffs. Can he do it again? Let's hope and Pray. Because if he doesn't, everyone on this team and front office will be left answering some pretty tough questions. Tune in tomorrow for a good-ol' fashioned ballgame at Turner Field. Chop up the Phillies tomorrow please.

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