In The 19th, Ump Jerry Meals Hands Braves The Game

MLB Umpire Jerry Meals had a terrible game. Strikes were called balls for the Braves pitchers and balls were called strike for the Braves hitters. The only call that went the Braves way, turned up in the 19th inning. Scott Proctor (eek!) was the only pitcher left. So he had to stay in the game. Here's what went down. Lugo was on third and Schafer on second. After an 0-2 count with one out, Proctor grounded the ball to the third baseman, who got it home on time to swipe tag Julio Lugo out at home... But Home Plate Ump Jerry Meals called him SAFE.

Braves Win 4-3; get 60th win.

Here's the video. you be the judge. safe or out?

(obviously a Pirates broadcast. Scott Proctor hilariously falls running to first though.)

I think the catcher got down the tag, but after watching 19 innings of that game, it was time for the Braves to pull through. Tough loss for the Pirates after a truly good game.

Martin Prado had a career-worst night at the plate, going 0-9. Dan Uggla came oh-so-close to getting above the Mendoza line, and actually was for a couple at-bats in the game. His BA rests at a comfortable .199. Good enough for me.

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