Dan Uggla and the Braves Zam-Brought It Last Night

Carlos Zambrano may be the biggest nobody this side of the Mississippi, but he sure knows how to throw batting practice.

The Braves lit up Zambrano's pitches, accumulating 5 homeruns, two of which by the man with the 32-game hitting streak, Dan Uggla. Uggla wasted little time hitting cleanly on the night the Braves retired Bobby Cox's #6, hitting a solo blast in the 2nd inning. Then, The Chipper Jones Experience showed up, and hit a 3-run Jack. The infield single-hitting Jose Constanza even went deep, so you know Zambrano didn't have great stuff. Then, Uggla and Freeman hit back to back homers, giving the Braves an 8-1 lead, bringing up Chipper. This is where things got testy, Zambrano, waiting to be taken out, wasn't gettig taken out, got mad, and took himself out, by throwing at Chipper, a truly classless act, but not surprising. Zambrano is known for being the Ron Artest of the MLB, only not relevant.

So Dan Uggla continued his streak, the Braves' bats woke up, Chipper is baaaack, and Carlos Zambrano is considering retirement. Seems like the Braves on on the track, poicking up another game on the Phillies to put them 7.5 back, and adding anther game to their wild card lead, putting them 6 up on the Giants and Cardinals.

Uggla puts the streak on the line tonight at 7:10 against Randy Wells and the Cubs. Derek Lowe takes the mound for the 70-49 Braves.

When will the streak end?

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