D-Backs No Match

The Braves are showing the NL West why the NL East is nothing to mess with. With winning 6 of 7 from the Giants all season, including 3 of 4 last week, and the first victory of the series with the Diamondbacks yesterday, the Braves are showing the NL West, and the MLB, why they deserve to be in the playoffs. After Philly's late night Walk-Off loss on Ryan Zimmerman's Grand Slam, the Braves are 7.5 back in the East, and by beating the D-Bags, and the Giants finding a way to lose to the lowly Astros, the Braves find themselves at 74-52 on the year and 7 games in first in the Wild Card race in front of the Giants and 8 in front of the Cardinals.

Now, by no means is the postseason a lock, there are still games to be played, but if the season ended today the Phillies would play the Diamondbacks, and the Wild Card Braves would take on the red-hot Brewers. The D-Bags and the Giants are only 2 games apart in the West, so realistically, the Giants could sneak it like they did last year against the Padres. If i were in the betting world, I'd be hard-pressed not to bet on the Braves and Phillies reaching the NLCS.

Right now, the Braves are right where they need to be.

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