Braves Rumors: BJ Upton on his way out of Atlanta?

In today's Braves rumors and news update, the Atlanta Braves are reportedly looking to offload BJ Upton regardless of the return as the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline approaches.

According to Hall-of-Fame baseball writer Peter Gammons, the Braves' desire to trade Upton is increasing exponentially by the day:

While this could amount to word-twisting (as tends to happen during this time of year), the Braves could very well be looking at starting their post-Upton phase with Evan Gattis getting some time in left field.

Per Andrew Sisson of Talking Chop, "with (catcher Christian) Bethancourt on the verge of sticking as a regular, and the pending free agency of Justin (Upton) and Jason (Heyward), they could want to put him in the outfield going forward. Also would prevent his big frame from breaking down at a quicker rate behind the plate."

However, with BJ Upton currently pacing the team in plate appearances per game, take this line of speculation with a grain of salt.


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