Braves Re-Bourn

The Braves, after losing out on Carlos Beltran and Hunter Pence, found a seller worth their money. The last-place Astros' CF Michael Bourn was traded to the Braves this morning for CF Jordan Schafer, and three minor league pitchers, RHP's Juan Abreu and Paul Clemens, and Southpaw Brett Oberholtzer. None of these three minor league pitchers were ones the Braves had second thoughts about keeping, with Julio Teheran, and Mike Minor still on the staff. (they would've had to part with Minor if they wanted Pence, something GM Frank Wren would have none of).

Michael Bourn is batting .303 this year with 1 HR, and 32 RBI. He will also add speed to the Braves lineup, the same kind of offensive threat not seen in Atlanta since Kenny Lofton was on the team in the early 90's. Bourn has 39 stolen bases on the year, 25 more than Jordan Schafer (team leader in steals) has had all year.

Overall, the trade was a fair one, and the Braves will have Michael Bourn until at least the end of next season, when he becomes a free agent. There are only 40 minutes left before the trade deadline, but Frank Wren said the Braves may not be done dealing, "possibly for a another bat, or a right-handed relief pitcher to help with the workload of Venters and O'Flaherty" said Wren.

This will help the Braves get over the tough couple of weeks without McCann, Chipper, Moylan and Medlan. When everyone is healthy and feeling well, the Braves look like they could take the NL East away from Philly.


Dan Uggla has hit safely in 22 straight games, including today's game against the Marlins. Since my installment of the Ugglometer, Dan Uggla has risen his average .033 points from .173 to .206. His power is back, his confidence is back, and that can only be good for the Braves, who recently have been struggling to produce runs for their stellar pitching.

How do you feel the Braves did this year in the Trade Market?

Is Michael Bourn a good fit?

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