Braves, Brooks Conrads, And Balk Off's Oh My!

The Braves won in stunning fashion last night. After losing a 6-2 lead and being down 8-6, the Braves were down to their final 2 outs when Jason Heyward, in his second game back from the DL, hit a single up the middle, bringing up late-inning clutch hitter Brooks Conrad (Remember walk-off grand slam last year). In every Braves fan's head, they were thinking, he can do this, he can tie it up with one swing. And that's just what he did. Brooks Conrad took K-Rod's pitch deep to right-center, and tied the game. This was K-Rod's first blown save since the beginning of the year.

Later in the game, the Braves had Diory Hernandez on second after a double, and two outs. Lucas Duda was put in at first as a defensive replacement. An easy ground ball was hit to the second basemen, but Duda played over-aggressive, and misplayed the ball. Instead of the inning being over, there were runners on first and third. Jason Heyward at the plate. D.J. Carrasco was set to deliver the pitch, but then flinched. The Umpire called the balk and Hernandez advanced and scored the game-winning run. A fitting end to a crazy game.

Chipper went 3-4 with 5 RBIs and a 3-run homer, before leaving the game with a strained right abductor (near the groin). But is day-to-day.

The Braves bats woke up just in the nick of time, playing the Rangers in their next series.

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