An Open Letter To Dan Uggla

It's Been Fun Danny Boy.

Congratulations Dan Uggla. 33 in a row is a big accomplishment, not to mention you started it the day we put up the Ugglometer to measure your terrible offensive outing.

It sucks that it had to end, but now that the confidence is back, I have no doubt you'll be able to keep the average going in the right direction.

Now that Brian McCann is back, Chipper is back, and Jason Heyward seems to be hitting better, you did exactly what we needed you to do when the rest of the team was faultering. You kept us alive in the Wild Card Race and the NL East is still within reaching distance.

So Daniel Cooley Uggla, you have done what you were brought here to do, you've exceeded my expectations, even though you're average is still in the gutter. Thank You Dan, thank you for the miracle run in which you tied an MLB record for home runs during a streak (15),  and taking the pressure off of the young Braves staff.

Sincerely, Ean Dunn and the ChatBraves team.

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