A "Brave" Look At Citi Field

Last Saturday, I took a road trip to see the Atlanta Braves take on the New York Mets at Citi Field in the second game of the series. Walking into the stadium with my dad, a Braves fan since the mid 1960's, we scanned our tickets, received our free Mets hat and took the massive escalator up, looking at the Mets memorabilia on the wall.

Then, after finding my seat, Section 123, Row 31, Seat 6, We sat down to watch the start of the game. Luckily we were sitting near six or seven other Braves fans, with their different types of Braves gear on, and the Mets fans we sat behind weren't to belligerent.

This was my second trip to Citi Field, the first coming last year, against the Braves, and the Braves won in a rout.

The only other Mets game I can remember watching was a Braves-Mets game at Shea Stadium in 2007. Me, my dad, and my friend were sitting in the nose-bleeds, holding up signs with the acronym TBS, because the game was being shown on TBS. After the Braves were ahead by 13 runs, we decided to move down behind home plate. While sitting down, a camera showed us on television holding up our signs. My father's said "True Braves fan Since '66", mine said "I Think Bonds took Steroids (asterisks his stats)" and believe it or not, the announcer talked about us on live television. Saying how it was unfortunate for the league that fans think this and that our signs didn't portray what TBS was thinking. Later in that inning, a Mets worker told us we had to leave, and to throw out our signs.

This trip to NYC however, didn't end the same. The Braves were routed after Jose Reyes hit a base-clearing triple, losing 5-0.

If a Braves fan is ever in the Queens, New York area, i urge them to go see a game. It's no Turner Field, but Citi Field sure does please the eyes, and the hotdogs are pretty good too, if you have $6 bucks.

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