3 Things We Learned About The Braves At The Trade Deadline

While it's foolish to think that you can judge a franchise by it's action and/or inaction at a particular Trade Deadline, each July scramble at least gives us a window into all 30 MLB teams' front offices and their approaches to the present and the future of their organizations. Keeping that in mind, here's 3 Things We Learned About The Atlanta Braves At The Trade Deadline.

Olivera Signals A Rebuilding Progression

The Atlanta Braves hoarded pitching prospects in the first stage of their rebuilding process -- the usual starting point for any Major League Baseball team's radical organizational overhaul. Olivera, who signed a six-year contract for $65 million with the Dodgers earlier this year, will only cost the Braves $38 million after $27 million of his deal was paid out by Los Angeles in the form of a signing bonus. Olivera may be 30 years old but he's still got major potential as an impact bat and shows Atlanta's willingness to take the next step and build a long-term lineup to go along with their cache of arms.

The Braves' Youth Movement Is Real

When Braves CEO Terry McGuirk claimed the Braves were "all-in" on a youth movement back in February, he wasn't lying. The Atlanta Braves cast off Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson, Jim Johnson and Bronson Arroyo with every intention of filling the gaps with young players who'll have every chance to prove themselves worthy of future at-bats as the Braves restock their roster the next couple of years. Give Atlanta credit -- they've signed off on a plan and stuck with it.

2017 Is The Target

Atlanta's punted on the 2015 season and likely will continue the followthrough in 2016. This is by design. The Braves' new park opens in 2017, which likely means a spending spree after the 2016 season (or at next year's trade deadline) which will add veteran meat to the team's young, budding core as the front office aims to put butts in all those brand-spanking new seats. It's a shrewd business move and one that could pay dividends if Atlanta management keeps playing the patience card.

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