Diamondbacks' Brad Ziegler following trade talk, wants to stay

In today's Diamondbacks trade rumors and news update, Arizona Diamondbacks reliever Brad Ziegler isn't attempting to duck all of the trade speculation attached to his name prior to the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline.

In fact, the coveted submarine-style pitcher keeps full tabs on the latest rumblings while doing Twitter work for his charity, Pastime For Patriots.

"I don't want to be blindsided," Ziegler said, via Steve Gilbert and Adam Lichtenstein of MLB.com. "I would rather have an idea if I'm going to go somewhere so I can start exploring what that would be like in my head, talking with my wife about it, figure out the logistics of moving, what we would do. I would rather have all that planned and then if it ends up not happening, we can go back into relax mode."

The Arizona Diamondbacks remain hesitant to deal Ziegler, both because of the team-friendly extension he signed in December and how consistent he has been out of the bullpen for the entirety of the MLB career.

Ziegler hopes said hesitation leads to him remaining a Diamondback for the foreseeable future.

"My preference is to stay, for sure," Ziegler said. "We got a little taste of the playoffs in 2011 and I want to be with this team when we get back. Obviously this year hasn't worked out and you could say the last three years haven't worked out how we wanted, but there's no question the talent is here and with just a few tweaks here and there we can be back in there and once we get back there anything can happen."

"We don't have to be the favorite going into the playoffs, we just got to get there and then hit a good streak."


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