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100 Watt Bulb Shines on Cardinals

The Cardinals signing JJ Watt to 2 yr deal is the def. equivalence to Bucs signing Tom Brady. Gives the team and fans instant adrenaline, cred and hope. Plus Watt, like Brady, should attract free agents. Imagine Zach Allen now getting to play with and learn from his idol.

— Walter B J Mitchell (@WBJMItch) March 1, 2021

Haason Reddick is still the present and future at 34 SAM OLB. Cards & HR will work a contract out. SAM--Reddick; LDE---Allen; NT-Fotu; RDE-Watt; BANDIT---Jones; Cards learned that taking Chandler out of BANDIT over to 34 SAM OLB for Suggs was a mistake.