Cardinals: 6 Tips to Beating the Seahawks

An extra man gets a flag thrown everywhere except Seattle.

If there’s one thing CenturyLink Field is known for, it is the crowd. Every team knows that going into Seattle and walking away with a win is not going to be an easy task, just ask the Saints what happened in the playoffs last year.

Even with the Seahawks struggling this year, the Cardinals will have their work cut out for them.

Here is a list of six things, in no particular order, that should guarantee a Cardinals’ victory Sunday.

1. Limit Penalties

In two games the Cardinals have racked up 158 penalty yards on 16 penalties. This puts them second in the NFL for total penalty yards.

In week two the Cardinals had 10 penalties for 97 yards. They had seven more penalties and 82 more penalty yards than the Redskins. You could say, among other things, this cost them a victory in Washington. The Cardinals cannot afford to have another game like this.

Sunday, they play in a stadium where false starts and penalties are going to happen. The Cardinals need to be smart, restrain from committing the dumb penalties and limit the others as much as possible.

2. Cover Mike Williams

Do not let this guy beat you two years in a row.

Seahawks’ receiver Mike Williams was one of the reasons they had a huge success last year against the Cardinals. The Cardinals couldn’t stop him.  In the two games they met,  Williams had 232 of his season total 751 receiving yards and one of his two touchdowns.

[caption id="attachment_45" align="alignright" width="222" caption="STEPHEN DUNN / GETTY IMAGES"]Mike Williams Catching Pass[/caption]

His numbers for the first two weeks are far from impressive. But, with the way the Cardinals’ defense is playing I am sure he is looking forward to this week three match-up.

Cover Mike Williams and keep him from repeating last year’s performance.

3. Move the Chains

First downs increase possession time and keep the defense off the field. The Cardinals have been slacking in both of these areas.

The Cardinals are among the worst in total first downs with only 31.

They also do not possess the football long enough on offense. In the first half

against the Redskins, the Cardinals’ were in possession of the ball for

a little over eight minutes. This is absurd.

They are too quick to go to the deep pass and it's putting the defense on the field for a majority of the time.

Slow down the offense, move the chains, march down the field and keep the defense on the sidelines for as long as possible.

4. Run the Ball

Beanie Wells should be cleared to play Sunday and if he is the Cardinals need to run the ball.

Beanie v Seattle SeahawksWhen they do hand the ball off, the Cardinals are getting great production out of

their running game, especially from Wells. Wells has been running tough and being physical. In the first two games, he has rushed for a total of 183 yards, averaging 5.7 yards a carry.

The Seahawks showed last week they were susceptible to the run as the Steelers

rushed for 124 yards and 2 touchdowns. Hand the ball off to Wells and let him do his thing.

5. Attack on Defense

Show some excitement.

Except for a blocked field goal and a couple interceptions last week, the Cardinals’ defense has been dormant for the first two weeks of the season.

The sack is a rare occurrence and the big hits are missing. The only constant is the interception, which the Cardinals have three of.

The Seahawks offensive line has been awful. They have allowed 10 sacks and 16

quarterback hits.

The Cardinals should be able to get to Seahawks' quarterback Tarvaris Jackson with ease. They need to blitz him, hit him, attack him and sack him (Yes, I can throw in a clever rhyme every now and then).

The Cardinals need to do whatever they can to make Jackson uncomfortable and the

crowd around him silent.

6. Pop in Some Earplugs

Metaphorically speaking of course.

I have made numerous references to how difficult it is to win in Seattle. The reason being is that their crowd is extremely loud (Wow, another one).

CenturyLink Field has been regarded as the loudest stadium in the NFL. So loud in fact, that the vibrations from the crowd stomping and jumping during Marshawn Lynch’s epic  playoff run registered as a small earthquake on a nearby seismometer.

The last thing we want is for the noise to cause the Cardinals to become disoriented.

Staying focus amidst the Seattle chaos and mentally eliminating that extra player is a must if the Cardinals want to win.

By no means are we in panic mode here in Arizona. It's too early for that. At this moment, we are just concerned. But, if the Cardinals cannot win Sunday in a crucial divisional matchup we will all be pushing that panic button.

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