Arizona Cardinals Coaching Rumors: The Broncos Playoff Performance Will Determine Mike McCoy's Future

Updated 1/11/2013 12:45am ET

The Arizona coaching search is still moving quite slowly, but it seems that the Cardinals really have their sights set on Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy.

Unfortunately for the Cardinals, they will be rooting for the Baltimore Ravens to win this weekend.

If the Broncos are to loose their first playoff game, it is thought to be highly likely the Mike McCoy will leave the Broncos for the head coaching job in Arizona.

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If the Broncos are to win though, he is considered just as likely to stay in Denver.

According to Darren Urban of "If they lose, something would go down next week you'd figure. Barring more interviews, you?d think the process would move forward with all candidates available. If they win, something could still happen next week, just not with McCoy, who is off-limits until his team is out."

So watch the Ravens vs Broncos game this Saturday very closely because it is extremely likely to determine the outcome of the Arizona Cardinals coaching search.

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